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Contemporary Photography Exhibition:Images in the Mirrors


Contemporary Photography Exhibition:Images in the Mirrors

Time: Dec.22,2020-Mar.22,2021

Venue : P1,Art Gallery, Changqing Campus, Shandong University of Art & Design

Curator:Xiaodan Bai


Li Zhang-Unnamed

Shen Wang- Beginning

Tiansen Zhao- Keeping Balance

Liwen He- Growth

Curator's words:

The sudden epidemic COVID-19 virus disrupted my life. I can never forget the fear, helplessness, loneliness and confusion I had when I have to be in quarantine. What I could do was laughing and crying at myself in the mirror every day, which made me rethink the relationship and distance between people, groups and races.

Everything is what you have in mind. Life is a mirror, of which we just shuttle in both sides. The images of you and me in the mirror, is that the real YOU and ME?

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