China Folk Art Research Institute

China Folk Art Research Institute, established by Shandong University of Art and Design in 1987, is one research institute that combines scientific research, teaching and social practice. It mainly studies traditional Chinese folk art. The Institute employs famous scholars at home and abroad as visiting researchers.

The Institute has set up an Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Centre for the research of human oral and intangible cultural heritage. Meanwhile, Folk Art Museum and Sun Changlin Art Museum are established as an important window for school publicity as well as an academic base for teaching and research.

China Folk Art Research Institute is mainly engaged in researches such as the basic theory of folk art, the protection strategy of China’s intangible cultural heritage, the development of folk handicraft culture industry, modern education of national folk art and the transformation from traditional cultural resources into modern design. Over the past 20 years, the institute has always adhered to the research method of combining field research and theoretical research, combining case analysis and special research, and has successively presided over or participated in more than 50 key scientific research projects on national and provincial levels, published more than 50 academic works, and won more than 30 national and provincial awards for the research achievements. The institute is now working with Durham University, University of Central Florida and University of Oregon on some research projects.