SUAD Art Gallery

Art Gallery of Shandong University of Art and Design has established two exhibition centers: one on Qianfo Mountain Campus and the other on Changqing District Campus. The former is equipped with an exhibition hall with a total area of 350 square meters and the length of exhibition line can be as long as 100 meters. As for the Art Gallery on Changqing District Campus, there are six exhibition halls and two side halls, covering 5,700 square meters in total and extending 1,290 meters in length of exhibition line.

The Art Gallery can satisfy various functions such as exhibition, collection, research, education, communication and service. It not only meets the cultural and artistic needs of teachers, students and the masses, but promotes social progress with art design, and dares to explore and innovate on the basis of inheriting excellent history and culture, and actively creates advanced and excellent cultural artistic atmosphere during the new historical period.

It has successfully hosted many exhibitions both at home and internationally, comprising “National Art and Design Exhibition”, “Everlasting Beauty of Dunhuang-The exhibition of saône Chang’s Study and Application of Dunhuang Art ”, “The 7th Art Works Exhibition on Chinese Sports”, “Poland Culture Week-Print Exhibition in Krakow”, “The Touring Exhibition of Impressional Etchings in China ”, “The Exhibition of Dunhuang Art Treasure in University”, “Kucha Mural Art Exhibition” and “Modern International Photo Biennale”. In addition, regular exhibitions on campus has been held such as “Outstanding Works Exhibition of Graduates”, “Exhibition of Collected Works” and “Exhibition of Nominated Outstanding Works of Teachers”.

As a gallery with sound system and department, complete facilities, rich collections, efficient operation and extensive influence, it is a wonderful choice for developing various exhibitions in different scales and academic activities relating to art and design.

The Art Gallery now has Office, Exhibition Department, Collection Department, Public Education Department, and Press and Publicity Department.