School of Architecture and Landscape Design

The School of Architecture and Landscape Design, founded in 1985, is one of the earliest secondary schools of Shandong University of Art and Design. The school has four disciplines, including environmental design, architecture, urban & rural planning and landscape architecture. Environmental design is the key construction discipline of Famous University Project in Shandong Province and the key cultivation discipline of "Professional Group of High-level Applied Project Construction of Shandong Province". Bearing in mind the University's training objective of "application-oriented talents", the school has followed its objective of cultivating talents with "scientific spirit, humanistic quality, artistic innovation and technical ability" that the University advocates and pursues, taken "the integrative both wings based on one subject" and "integration of arts and Engineering" as the guiding ideology for disciplinary construction, and finally established the goal of nurturing design art talents with artistic quality.

Undergraduates majoring in environmental design and landscape architecture are awarded the Bachelor of Arts degree, while those majoring in architecture and urban & rural planning are awarded the Bachelor of Engineering degree. The school enrolls both full-time and part-time postgraduates, and confers them the Master of Design degree.

The school has three teaching and research sections, namely, interior design, landscape design, architecture and urban & rural planning. Among its 50 faculty and staff, there are 42 teachers, including 7 professors, 17 associate professors, 16 lecturers and 2 teaching assistants.Also,there are 6 national first-class registered architects, 4 national registered planners, 1 national registered structural engineer, 3 national first-class construction engineers and 2 cost engineers. In addition to full-time teachers, there are also many part-time professors from home and abroad, forming a full-time and part-time structure of teachers with reasonable educational background, academic structure and clear echelon.

The school emphasizes on the integration of art and engineering, experiential teaching, and the integration of production and education. There are environmental design center, rural revitalization planning center and barrier-free design research center; digital architecture studio, kansei engineering laboratory, architectural space studio and ecological architecture studio; while strengthening academic exchanges with domestic key design colleges and universities, the school continues to carry out international curriculum cooperation with well-known universities abroad such as Kyushu University School of Art and Engineering, Hokkaido University College of Engineering, and Tokyo Zokei University, etc.