School of Further Education (Community Arts College)

The School of Further Education (Community Arts College) has been operating for nearly 30 years since 1989. Over the years, relying on the university's rich educational resources, it has realized the sharing of resources between adult education and general education. It was qualified to award bachelor's degree to undergraduate graduates in July 2003.

The school now offers undergraduate and specialized disciplines which include visual communication design, environmental design, photography, and digital media art. The school attaches importance to academic research; therefore, it has attained remarkable scientific research achievements and undertaken many national and provincial research projects. It has completed the national teaching materials programs for the 11th -13th Five-Year Plan, and won many provincial and ministerial awards.Urban Space Design was awarded the gold medal of Excellent Theoretical Achievement Award for Art and Design ofShandong Province; Basic Photography Course was selected as the national 12th Five-Year Plan teaching material for general higher education;Creative Photography and Design was selected as the national 13th Five-Year Plan teaching material for textile and garment photography in higher education institutions;Construction of Teaching Materials for Photography won the First Prize of the Eighth Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award of Shandong Province. The school was also awarded the title of “National Advanced Individual in the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage”.

The school is rated as“Shandong Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance Training Base”, “Photography Training Base for China Higher Education Society of Photography Education Professional Committee”, “Jinan Cultural and Tourism Digital Creative Base”, and “Innovation Driven Project-Qilu Animation Technology Collaborative Innovation Alliance”.It has made three alliances which are “Shandong Intangible Cultural Heritage Alliance-Lu Embroidery”, “Qilu Artisan Creative Alliance” and “Shandong Black Pottery Alliance”. The school has 4 off-campus student internship bases, including “Jinan CCPARK Creative Port”, and has established three traditional craft laboratories, including “Ceramics Laboratory” and “Wood Carving Laboratory”. The school also owns 3 traditional craft laboratories, such as “Ceramics Laboratory” and “Wood Carving Laboratory”.In addition, the schoolsets up 13 traditional craft work stations in the province which are “Ceramic Firing Workstation”, “Gourd Carving Workstation” and "Research and Training Workstation for Intangible Cultural Heritage ", etc..