Postgraduate Program

Shandong University of Art & Design (SUAD) is authorized to grant Master’s degree in three first-level disciplines (Design Studies, Art Studies and Art Theories) and MFA degree in two disciplines (Artistic Design, Art Studies). The program of Art Theories allows students to make research into art principles, anthropology of art, folk art, traditional craftsmanship and folk handicraft cultural industries and the program of Design Studies allows candidates to make research into 25 areas of profession such as package design, brand and image design, book design, exhibition design, furniture design, industry design, landscape planning and design, costume design, ceramics and potteries, fiber, jewelry, animation and photography, while Art Studies into 10 areas of profession such as traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, murals, sculpture and calligraphy. The programs of Artistic design and Art which lead to MFA degree respectively allows research into visual communication design and environment design, traditional Chinese painting and Sculpture. SUAD has achieved steady development over the past ten years through consistent pursuit of excellence in the field of postgraduate education, including34 provincial research projects and other achievements in cultivating talents, academic research and providing social services. Moreover, the postgraduate education is sure to be promoted into a new stage with the implementation of Innovation in Postgraduate Education in SUAD.