School of Film Industry

Relying on the National Industry and Education Integration Base of Shandong University of Art and Design in Qingdao, and making full use of advantageous resources such as Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis, Sunac Film Metropolis, Qingdao 5G High-tech Video Experiment Park of China Broadcasting Network Co, Ltd., School of Film Industry deepens the integration of industry and education, strengthens advanced characteristic film and television specialty, and cultivates high-quality application-oriented and innovative talents urgently needed by the film and television industry, so as to provide talent and intellectual support to improve the competitiveness of the film and television industry.

School of Film Industry and Film Industry Research Institute were established in 2020. The school includes several disciplines: film and television photography and production, film and television art design, radio and television director, art design (post-film design and production direction), and film and television multimedia technology, etc. Theschool has well-integrated teaching and project practice conditions, such as advanced early-stage shooting equipment, 3D animation and film and television post-production workstations, cinematography laboratory, film special effects laboratory as well as multimedia virtual reality technology laboratory. Geared to the needs of those companies like digital film and television special effects company, film and television advertising company, TV channel and column packaging department, and mobile multimedia company, network media production department, the School aims to cultivate advanced practical and application-oriented professionals who will be engaged in film and television special effects and synthesis, three-dimensional animation, video shooting and editing, new media operation, etc.