School of Modern Handicraft

The School of Modern Handicraft adheres to the teaching concept of integrating traditional arts and crafts and design art, assumes the responsibility of excellent cultural inheritance, and cultivates arts and crafts and public art talents in the context of modern art education, who can not only systematically master professional theoretical knowledge and be familiar with the history, current situation and development trend of relevant developmentandevolution, but also independently complete the task of design transformation of traditional arts and crafts and public art.

The school has 2 disciplines: Arts and Crafts, Public Art. Both are key construction disciplines of Famous University Project in Shandong Province and high-level curriculum group construction disciplines. Under the discipline of arts and crafts, there are 7 sub-disciplines including dyeing and weaving, fiber, ceramics, glass, metal, lacquer and jewelry; under the discipline of public art, there are 2 sub-disciplines:public art and installation art.

Currently, there are 41 faculty members, including 5 professors, 13 associate professors. There are more than 650 students enrolled in the four-year undergraduate program.The school has a handicraft experiment center with excellent facilities for practical teaching.

Over the years,the school has attached importance to the design transformation of regional culture and folk art elements, focused on serving the living needs of the society, and actively and effectively carried out the cooperation between industry, academia and research, obtaining good social and economic effects. It actively promotes practical teaching, and expands joint interaction with off-campus enterprises and entities, gives full play to the mutual promotion of knowledge teaching and hands-on practice, and has cultivated a large number of excellent and innovative practical talents.Meanwhile, the school actively conducts academic exchanges with well-known international art colleges and academic institutions, andinvites many domestic and foreign artists and masters ofarts and crafts as visiting and part-time professors to broaden academic horizons and improve skill levels for professional development.