School of Applied Design

The School of Applied Design follows the university's philosophy of "scientific spirit, humanistic quality, artistic innovation and technical ability", highlights the characteristics of "vocational, skillful, adaptable and innovative", and aims to cultivate applied and innovative talents. After years of construction and development, the curriculum system and practical teaching have been gradually improved, and the construction of the teaching staff with bi-expertise has been continuously enhanced. Theschool forms a reasonably structured teamwith high level of teaching and research and excellent comprehensive quality. There are 29 professional teachers, including 2 professors, 11 associate professors and 16 lecturers.

At present, the School of Applied Design has three undergraduate disciplines and four sub-disciplines, which are Visual Communication Design (Printing Design), Product Design (Furniture Design and Tourism Product Design), and Theatre, Film and Television Art and Design (Costume Art and Design). The school built three research institutes: Printing Design Research Institute, Furniture Design Research Institute, and China-Korea Makeup Art Research Center. The teaching and research faculty of the school has been awarded the title of Huang Danian Teaching Team in Shandong Province, and has undertaken many national and provincial level research projects, including 1 Youth Arts Project of National Arts Foundation of China,1 Humanities and Social Science Planning Project of the Ministry of Education,2 Humanities and Social Science Planning Projects of Shandong Province, and 1 Teaching Reform Project of Shandong Province. The school has been awarded “Shandong Province Vocational Skill Identification Training Base for Art and Design” by the Department of Labor and Social Security in Shandong Province, which has established an important position of theschool in the development pattern of higher vocational design education in the province.

The school attaches great importance to international exchanges and cooperation, and has established cooperation agreements and close relationships with Korea, the United States, Japan, the Czech Republic and other countries through cooperative schooling, international workshop cooperation, personnel exchanges and exchange of experts.