Iconography Institute

Founded in 2004, the Iconography Institute, a university-level research institute of Shandong University of Art and Design, aims to integrate image art research, teaching and consultation.Based on the study of Chinese traditional art and taking the study of figure, pattern and graphasits objective,the institute combines the anthropological field research and the research methods of iconography and folklore, explains the logic connotation and aesthetic implication of the research object in the cultural context, and their continuity in the contemporary dynamic and living culture. Accordingly, it serves the teaching of fine arts and design, the construction ofart discipline and the inheritance of Chinese culture. Professor Zhang Congjun, the first director of the institute, has been dedicated to the study of stone reliefs of Han Dynasty and is an author of several books, for example,the Art of Stone Reliefs in Han Dynasty of the Lower Yellow River (Volume 1 and 2) and Xuanwu and the Origin of Taoism. Professor Lin Baoyao, present honorary director of the institute, focusing on the study of Buddhism art, has written many books such as Complete Works of Buddhism Art Enjoy Buddha Statues,Lectures on Buddhism Art and Graphic Dictionary of Dunhaung Art.In addition, the institute is working on three research projects:“Research on Traditional Chinese Image”,“Research on Painted Decoration of Yungang Grottoes” and“Research on Graph Pedigree of Woodcut New Year Pictures”.