School of Fine Arts

The School of Fine Arts is the most traditional secondary school in Shandong University of Art and Design. The school has 5 disciplines: Chinese painting, painting, sculpture, calligraphy and public art (the painting and sculpture disciplines were recognized by the Ministry of Education as first-class undergraduate disciplines in Shandong Province in 2019), with 7 sub-disciplines in Chinese painting (birds and landscapes, figures), oil painting, mural painting, calligraphy, sculpture and public art. The four-year degree is awarded with a bachelor's degree in art.

The school is equipped with excellent facilities and excellent teaching staff,including 11 doctoral degree holders and 26 master's degree holders. There are 11 professors (Two of them enjoy the allowance of the State Council, 1 enjoys the "Lifetime Achievement Award" of Taishan Literature and Art Award of Shandong province), 13 associate professors, 17 lecturers, and 5 assistant professors.

Based on the characteristics of different disciplines, the school gives full play to the advantages of running experiences and teachers, and bears in mind the philosophy and purpose of "inheriting tradition, surpassing innovation, solid foundation, and strong adaptability". While insisting on solidifying basic teaching and improving teaching quality, the school continues to strengthen academic exchanges and cooperation with foreign art colleges and universities to expand schooling channels and broaden the horizons of teachers and students. The school has made great progress in teaching, scientific research and artistic creation, ranking among the best in the same kind of colleges in the province. A number of teachers' works have been selected for the sixth to thirteenth national art exhibitions and awarded the "Silver Award" and "Bronze Award". Some won the first and second prizes of the "Taishan Literature and Art Award" held by Shandong Province as well as over 300 prizes on national, provincial and ministerial level. And more than 50 academic monographs and papers have been published in key national professional academic journals. What’s more, a large number of large-scale sculptures, murals and public art works with high artistic level and social influence have been created. And seven students' works won the gold medal of "Qing Wei Liao - Excellent Works of Fresh Graduates in Shandong Province".

With solid teaching,rigorous learning,wide range of specialties and strong adaptability, the school has nurtured a large number of qualified and excellent art professionals to the society, and gradually become the backbone of the field of art, culture and education industry, winning the high recognition of employers and the general praise of the society.