School of Ship Design

On the basis of the product design discipline, School of Ship Design has established the specialty of vehicle design as the major talent training direction. Ship Design Research Institute, set up in 2020, is the only comprehensive vehicle design specialty in Shandong Province. In the same year, it was rated as the best vehicle design school in China by the Car Design News of International Automobile Design Alliance. Based on major collaborative innovation platforms, such as Qingdao Ship Design Base supported by Industry and Education Integration Program during the “13th Five Year Plan” period, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community in Shandong Province, Cultural Creative Industry and Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community in Shandong Province, etc., ship design discipline aims to develop students’ ability in shipping and related industries such as creative design, system research and development, functional design and implementation, and abilities in molding and processing technology. In addition, the discipline pays particular attention to the cultivation of students’ capability in innovative design and engineering implementation.