School of Fashion and Performance

The construction of School of Fashion and Performance is based on the national first-class characteristic disciplines, including clothing and apparel design, brand design, film and television photography production. It has visual communication design and production discipline and a dozen practice bases such as Shandong Garment Design Association, Oriental Fashion Center, Qingdao International Fashion Week, Handu Group, and Shulang Fashion Group, etc. Theschool is committed to cultivating talents with technical capabilities for fashion design, planning, and production-related work as well as high-skilled versatile talents with strong innovation capabilities. The core courses include fashion design, fashion exhibition planning, fashion communication, creative visual design practice, etc. The graduates pursue their careers in positions like fashion designers, brand promoters, fashion buyers, curators, fashion show producers, fashion bloggers, social activists, and online marketers, etc. School of Fashion and Performance, with a professional faculty from home and abroad, is equipped with specialized research platforms: clothing technology laboratory, fashion communication laboratory, fashion research institute. With project practice as its core, the School endeavors to foster a group of high-quality applied talents with both innovative ability and technical ability.