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The Project of Inheritance and Communication | The Compilation of “Integration of Chinese Folk Crafts -- Macao Volume” was launched at Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST)


The launching ceremony of the compilation of the Integration of Chinese Folk Crafts -- Macao Volume was held in the morning of January 20, 2021 in MUST on the basis of the policy deployment of the national Opinions on the Implementation of the Project of the Inheritance and Development of Excellent Chinese Traditional Culture and the Revitalization Plan of Chinese Traditional Crafts. The project has been approved as a special commissioned project by the National Social Science Found and a major national publishing project during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. Professor Zhang Zhiqing, Dean of the School of Humanities and Arts of MUST, delivered a speech at the launching ceremony. Professor Pan Lusheng, Editor-in-chief of Integration of Chinese Folk Crafts, Vice Chairman of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and Chairman of China Folk Literature and Art Association, gave a lecture. Chief editor of Macao Volume, distinguished professor Zheng Juxin from School of Humanities and Arts of MUST attended the ceremony online. Professor Shao Qi from Shanghai University, Professor Wang Xueqing and doctoral students from the School of Humanities and Arts attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Assistant Professor Huang Guanghui, Course Director of Design and Fine Arts of School of Humanities and Arts of MUST.

Adhering to the principle of "integrating for folk crafts, establishing doctrine for folk artists and shaping spirit for folk culture" advocated by China Folk Literature and Art Association, the compiling project is of great significance for transmitting Chinese folk literature and art, which fully reflects the strong confidence of the Party and the state for the vast number of folk literary and art workers. From the perspective of rescuing, protecting, inheriting and developing folk crafts, the Integration of Chinese Folk Crafts takes provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities, and special administrative regions) as the unit, records the history, documents, thoughts, skills, culture, and characters of Chinese folk crafts objectively, scientifically and systematically. The final completion of the integration of Chinese folk crafts will fill the gap of the integration of folk literature and art in our country, establish the archives of folk crafts and culture of our country, preserve the culture gene of folk crafts, and provide the basis and support for the inheritance and development of Chinese excellent traditional culture and crafts.

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