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The Signing and Awarding Ceremony of Cooperative Education Teaching Base Held by Shandong University of Art and Design


The signing and awarding ceremony of Cooperative Education Teaching Base held by Shandong University of Art and Design took place on the Changqing campus on the morning of January 5. Our university signed online contracts with 7 companies and held on-site signing and awarding ceremony with 18 enterprises. The vice president Dong Zhanjun attended the awarding ceremony which was presided over by Zhang Yan, associate dean of Industrial Design School.

Addressing the audience at the ceremony, Dong Zhanjun said that the university has been actively carrying on school-enterprise cooperation to build close connections between classrooms and enterprises through designated enterprises, defined problems, directional design and customized classrooms in the context of the new liberal arts and new engineering. The university has integrated the elements such as market, technology, business and innovation by cooperative education with the enterprises to  cultivate good classes, famous teachers, and excellent teaching teams gradually. Meanwhile, the university has been working to promote the transformation of results and adding value to the enterprise in order to deepen integration between industry and education. Dong Zhanjun also hoped that the majority of enterprises could actively participate in specialty construction, curriculum construction, and the formulation of talent training plans, and select professional talents with practical experience as part-time teachers for our university, so as to push the integration between industry and education and cooperative education to a new level.

Miao Feng, the chairman of Shandong Dexiang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a speech on behalf of the signing and awarding enterprises. He suggested that although universities and enterprises are two completely independent systems, universities are the main providers of the results of scientific research while enterprises are the demanders of the results of scientific research; therefore, the two are based on a cooperative relationship of supply and demand, and this cooperative relationship is mutually beneficial and win-win.

This signing and awarding ceremony is a useful exploration for our university to respond to the national development strategy of integration between industry and education, deepen undergraduate teaching reform, build applied undergraduate university, innovate talent training models, promote the construction of professional curriculum and training bases, and serve local economic construction. In the future, our university will continue to strengthen school-enterprise cooperation and promote the integration between industry and education to advance further development of the design and creative industry.

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